I've been insane...
But I'm playing a different tune cuz I'm moving to the moon...

yes, I cloned him

My sweet lord

Every time I look at John Frusciante I can see that heaven is real, and when I listen to his voice it’s like I hear angels calling me there. Then I look into his eyes, I know that everything is possible.

Your mind is like an unsafe neighborhood; don’t go there alone.

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Wow that’s the first thing i’ve reblogged :D

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Track: Thinking About You
Artist: Radiohead
Album: Pablo Honey
Plays: 429
When you listen to the Red Hot Chili Peppers you become well

Anthony Kiedis on Mother’s Milk (via rhcpinsanity)

Lou Reed - Perfect Day


me whenever someone starts playing shitty music


My life ^^

John Frusciante shouldn’t use the word “sex” so often in his interviews…

The ocean is full ‘cause everyone’s crying

Pearl Jam - I Am Mine

stone stop crying

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