Sometimes I look at John’s eyes, and even though he’s looked completely different through the years, I can totally see that kid from the early 90’s… it’s just so moving… to see that he may had not make it, but he did… and then I see him smiling and it just fills my heart with joy. He’s here, he’s alive, he’s doing what he loves the most… and life becomes meaningful for me in some way.




baby fru

Can you fill one out for a band you'd give 10/10 to?


Okay…this will be the last one


am I a fan?: Only for my entire life

favorite song: that is insanely hard…Pennyroyal Tea probably

favorite album: In Utero

favorite member: Kurt comes to me in dreams

seen live?: I have literally cried over the fact that I will never see them

unpopular opinion: I don’t have one. They are perfect. 

band rate: 10/10


Sometimes I feel like dropping out of college and roaming the streets of LA looking for John Frusciante

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pls send me bands


am I a fan?:

favorite song:

favorite album:

favorite member:

seen live?:

unpopular opinion:

band rate:

90s edition

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John Frusciante singing “Going Inside” on Valentine’s Day (Much Music, 2001)

I am divorced from the image I’ve created

So many nights and days that are separate from the ages

Thank you for the lessons that I learned while John was sleeping

Whoever it seemed the Creator did the teaching



Nirvana performing ‘Drain You’ live at Nulle Part Ailleurs - 1994.

The best thing ever, :”)

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John Frusciante