I've been insane...
But I'm playing a different tune cuz I'm moving to the moon...
Track: Femininity
Artist: John Frusciante
Album: Smile from the Streets You Hold
Plays: 42

Fru’s guitar playing in Femininity ♥

When I was 27 I had a year of not feeling like myself, a year of feeling like I was an impostor who didn’t deserve to be called John Frusciante. It was the worst year of my life. But it ended really good. Although the rest of the world still wanted nothing to do with me I was happy within myself through dancing and through writing in notebooks and playing guitar. I was trying to record songs, but never finishing any – and doing whatever I wanted to do as far as the drugs go. I was smoking crack all day long, shooting heroin, shooting cocaine, drinking wine, taking valium. I was this close to killing myself. If I had had a gun I definitely would have killed myself. But when I was going extremely fast in my head and feeling I was about to die I would get these warnings from spirits saying, You don’t want to die now. I can see them, it was like they were in my room. And I got back in touch with the spirit that is John Frusciante, I knew that I was who I am and who I’d always been and I didn’t feel like an impostor any more.

John Frusciante (Q, 1999)
I didn’t understand. I was too self-centered and self-absorbed to even begin to experience what he was going through. All I knew was that John and I were becoming more and more distant. I didn’t see our success as a sell-out. I saw it as something really powerful and beautiful that we had created together. Getting through to the masses was something we had been aiming for and now that it was here why not embrace it? I mean, we’ve always had a bona fide fondness for making money. What was going on with John was like someone had cut my left nut out of my ball sac.

Anthony Kiedis on John Frusciante’s departure in 1992 (Q, 1999)

Idk why but I find it so cute that John is 8 years younger than the other peppers… idk… it makes me wanna hug him even more.


I think we all need to take a moment to discuss how hot Fru sounds when he sings the ‘Lalalalala’ part in 'Sir Psycho Sexy',

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Q (UK), October 1999
  • They blow into a photographic studio off La Brea, steaming ideas, irritation and deodorant-defying sweat. Smith takes everything in a large, good-natured stride, but Flea and Kiedis sulk over clothes and poses, while Frusciante rejects the stylists’s suits – “Aren’t my clothes good enough for you? I only bought them two days ago” – and takes against the photographer – “I don’t want him telling me what to do. I don’t want him telling me how to play guitar.”
Track: Ricky
Artist: John Frusciante
Album: Shadows Collide With People
Plays: 705
The will to death is what keeps me alive

John Frusciante (via um-anjo-para-nao—amar)
If you love John Frusciante, then I love you.